FlipKlip Book Holder keeps your book open for hands free reading Please retun to BlueZap.com for your book holder needs!  

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Book Holders - FlipKlip - Book Holder

The Patented FlipKlip Page Clamp

very cool little Book Holder
a handy and versatile book accessory

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The FlipKlip Book Holder Is A Great Gift Item!

Use it at the gym as a treadmill book holder.  Use it at lunch for reading hands free.  At the office, it is quite useful for holding catalogs, reference material and during phone conversations.  The FlipKlip can be an ergonomic book holder aid, permitting increased comfort in holding a book.  Great as a knitting book holder, or for crochet, needlework  and spinning.

The FlipKlip Book Holder works for reading in bed,  on your computer desktop, while eating lunch, on the bus or train, at home, at school, in the kitchen, at the gym to hold your music, books and magazines.

Lightweight and compact, the FlipKlip goes anywhere that you would like to enjoy hands-free reading!

The FlipKlip book holder is easy to use
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  • The OPEN position allows you to conveniently position it on your book. Then FLIP the arms down onto the pages and you're ready to read.
  • Turning pages is easy. Just peel a page from one side by pulling it from beneath the vinyl finger. Turn the page, and then slide it under the vinyl finger on the other side. Peel and tuck... easy!
  • When you finish reading. The FlipKlip can be attached to the outside of the closed book, ready for next time.

Use the FlipKlip as a treadmill book holder, paperback bookholder, or cook book holder. For travel and commute it's handy on an airplane tray table, or anywhere you would like to enjoy hands-free reading.

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