FlipKlip BookHolder holds your book open for hands free reading   litebol3.gif - 7000 Bytes

The FlipKlip PageClamp & BookHolder in Action!
Note: You turn the pages - FlipKlip holds'em in place!

BlueZap.com's FlipKlip Book Holder BlueZap's FlipKlips - PayPal will allow you to pay via VISA and MasterCard
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$8.95 each
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The FlipKlip book holder is easy to use

  • The OPEN position allows you to conveniently position it on your book. Then FLIP the arms down onto the pages and you're ready to read.
  • Turning pages is easy. Just peel a page from one side by pulling it from beneath the vinyl finger. Turn the page, and then slide it under the vinyl finger on the other side. Peel and tuck... easy!
  • When you finish reading. The FlipKlip can be attached to the outside of the closed book, ready for next time.

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